OJB - Rave Reviews

  • Thank you for a great performance at the Breathe of Life Gala. As always, OJB did an amazing job; our guests raved about the music! Thank you for your continued generosity.
    Courtney Kappas
    Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

  • Thank You, the "Outcast Jazz Band " made the event. I have received nothing but praise and compliments about the music I chose for our 50th Anniversary.
    From the Senator and his wife " We haven't danced to music like this since O Henry ballroom", to the bartender who froze for a minute or two and said "I haven't heard music like this in 30 years". So thanks again, I would not hesitate to use you in the future.......
    Dan O'Reilly
    St Pius X 50th Anniversary Celebration

  • I just wanted to let you know that your band was AWESOME at the Windy City Lindy Exchange 5 on Friday, November 7th!  It's so much nicer to have a live band when you're dancing but to have a band as talented and swingin' as you were just makes the entire experience so much better!  So, thanks for such an enjoyable experience!
    Chris Tipton
    5th Annual Windy City Lindy Exchange


  • Saw your group at Hackney's this past Wednesday night and I have got to give you your props - outstanding! Precision timing, passionate vocals, having fun - exceptional! I definitely want to catch you guys again!
    Scott T.
    Hackney's in Palos


  • "I want to thank you guys for being the most awesome band ever.  I really believe that the band makes or breaks a wedding and you guys sure made mine and Ryan's one that people are still talking about (six months and going strong on band flattery). My calves were so sore from dancing that I had a hard time going down the stairs at our hotel on our honeymoon for the first few days!"
    Molly Ring & Ryan Carter

    Union League Club

  • "You were unbelievable! I wanted to thank you for such an amazing night - our wedding reception was even better than I had ever hoped it could be thanks to the fabulous OJB. Our friends and family have not stopped raving about the "great!" "fabulous!" "where did you ever find them?" band  -  we are definitely fans for life and are looking forward to seeing you guys play live again soon."
    Lisa & Paul Dolan
    Chicago Cultural Center

  • What a great sounding band! To be in the same room and be able to talk and enjoy the music - what a unique experience!"
    Nameless Charity Event Attendee
    Holiday Inn Mart Plaza

  • "Thanks for making our wedding simply the best. I swear every guest has either e-mailed us or called remarking '...ohmigosh and that BAND!' Everyone was absolutely raving about the music, they all loved every note you played. You all are completely awesome."
    Colleen Loftus & Jim Beatty
    Three Arts Club

  • "Someone pointed out to us that even though the room was relatively small, your volume didn't overpower anyone, and it was still possible for people to have a comfortable conversation while the band was playing. Your enthusiasm for the music is so infectious, even the most tone-deaf person can't help but be moved to tapping their feet. Bottom line is, you guys fulfilled every expectation and beyond."
    David & Colleen Wytmar
    Park Ridge Country Club

  • "Man, what can we say except 'you guys rocked the house'! We can't tell you how many people have told us you took the celebration to another level. Thanks for everything."
    Troy & Renee Okoniewski
    The Signature Room


  • We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed everything you all did at our wedding. We received so many compliments. A band goes such a long way for setting the tone at weddings, and you guys were great. Thanks again for everything.
    Jennifer & Marc Damerjian

    Newberry Library

  • "Hi - last night was the first time I have seen your band play. . .and definitely not the last!!! In about two songs, you guys became my favorite live swing band! I spent several numbers trying to think of an occasion I could fabricate to hire you. . .I was close to asking random people to marry me, just to have a wedding reception!
    Thanks for a great, great evening!"

    Logan Square Auditorium

  • "I saw OJB for the first time this weekend at Logan Square, and you guys ROCKED!! When are you recording a CD?!?!?
    Seriously - you're the best swing band I've heard play in Chicago. . .I can't wait 'til next month's Boulevard Swing!"
    Kim Brown aka. Swingdoc

    Logan Square Auditorium

  • "You are truly an awesome bunch and the compliments about the band were abundant. You guys are great and I look forward to another event where you can let it rip and we can dance the night away."
    Carol Biegel
    White Eagle Golf Club

  • "This band rocks! Best big-band music I've seen in a very long time!"
    Larry Horn

    Oak Lawn Concert on the Green

  • "Thanks for making C.K.'s 65th Anniversary Party so much fun! Your music put everyone in a lively mood. The band is great!"
    Bob & Dolores Murphy & Christ the King Parish

    The Martinique

  • "The Outcast Jazz Band provided the perfect music & atmosphere for the GLMA "Paint The Town" event. People are still raving about 'that great band from Chicago!' Please pass along kudos to all the guys (and gal) in the band. Thanks again for making Saturday so special!"
    Kitty Campbell Laird
    Greater Lafayette Museum of Art

  • "Caught your show last night at Blue Note . . . .WOW! You guys were really swingin! I was floored to turn the corner to find a 17-piece band stacked in the corner of the Blue Note. Thanks for a great night of entertainment. . . and from the looks of the crowd, you guys should play public gigs more often!"
    The Blue Note

  • "Thanks for doing such a great job at our wedding. We had a blast & so did everyone who attended the wedding. The music was wonderful - thanks for making our party so much fun!"
    Katherine & Michael Sullivan
    Dewes Mansion

  • "I like that Outcast band!"
    unknown happy lady
    St. Margaret of Scotland

  • "Thank you all for the spectacular performance and for making our wedding reception an event to remember for a lifetime. As you may know from the response of the crowd, the guests loved your music and they went out of their way to tell Catrina and I how much enjoyment they got from listening and dancing to your sound. One person said that it looked like the band was having just as much fun, if not more, than the guests!"
    Terence & Catrina O'Farrell
    Chicago Athletic Association

  • "Thanks to you our reception sounded like I always hoped it would."
    Melanie Cerevich
    Oak Lawn Hilton

  • "Michelle and I would like to thank you for performing at our wedding reception. We were very impressed with the band, as were many of the guests. I can't remember how many times people asked us where we found the band. The selection of songs and the quality of the music and vocals were outstanding."
    Mark and Michelle Hwang
    Maggianno's Oakbrook

  • "Its been three years since my wedding, and my entire extended family is still raving about 'that great band' "
    Mary Beth Gill
    The Old Barn

  • "You guys were unbelievable! I never imagined so many people could have so much fun. Thanks for the great reception!"
    David and Vicki Gaffney
    Palos Country Club

  • "Over 240 people had a great time - you sounded fantastic! The Multiple Sclerosis City Society would like to continue its affiliation with the Outcasts"
    Mike Foster, Chairman MS Fall Fling
    Chicago Athletic Association

  • "A fine young bunch of swingers who play rather well"
    Larry Smith, WBEZ radio

  • "Do you guys have any idea how big your bar tab is?"
    Manager, Greco's Italian Restaurant

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